Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Quick Tips to Feeling Powerful in Your Business

make (someone) stronger and more confident, esp. in controlling their life and claiming their rightsSo what does it take to feel empowered? And why does it slip away at times and leave us feeling disempowered? I pondered this very thought for many years. Some days I would wake up ready to take on the world while others left me stuck in a rut or feeling stranded with no one to pick me up-- especially with regards to starting your own business. It seems to be a natural part of life to have the ups and downs, but when it comes to feeling powerful; it truly can be something that stays with us even in our weaker moments.
When left to our own devices it's easy to let small things weight us down and block us from what our natural path, especially in business.
Owning a business is the best therapy session of your life!
To help generate some positive energy and get back to working on what matters--bringing your message into the world--here are 5 Quick Tips to help you bring back your empowerment when those not-so-lovely feelings show up and strip you of your self-confidence and help you become a money magnet:
Understand that feeling disempowered is a message from your divine guidance network. Allow the feelings to develop and then look for hidden messages. It's those messages that will give you the creativity or boost of self-confidence to get going. Perhaps it's an oddity with an animal or butterflies are surrounding your car, Google these occurrences! They have important messages.
Get back to the basics of why you started your business in the first place. Adjust your mission statement and revisit your big "Why." This will be a terrific reminder that you are doing great things in the world and will help relinquish any upsets that are brought out on any given day.
Discuss your insecurities with a business coach. Sometimes discussing business woos with friends and loved ones isn't always the best medicine. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and not everyone understands what you're going through. Find an expert to talk to; you'll be surprised to find out they had/have the same issues.
Read motivating books. The words on the pages of any motivational (or creative) book will encourage you to think about a problem or a frustration with a new state of mind and mostly, help you gain clarity or learn a new angle for your business approach. I'm particularly fond of looking at home decor books and letting my brain uncover new arrangements to bringing new chi into my environment. (Check out my top 10 Motivational Books)
Enroll in a coaching program. Sign-up for freebies or short programs that will help get you to the next stage of your business. More often than not, the feeling you're experiencing is due to lack of clients or lacking good marketing tactics.
Make it a priority to learn different things and try a few of them on for size. You just might be surprised how good it makes you feel and makes your bank account happy too!
Angel Quintana, CNC, HHP is the holistic business coach behind Angel Quintana, Inc., a holistic empire devoted to empowering the new entrepreneur to discover their marketing style so they can attract the right clients, create financial prosperity, and become a trendsetter in their industry. If you like the article you've read, you'll love Angel's dynamic business building products that will help you grow your business and do it all with your own personal style.

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