Friday, July 13, 2012

Health and Safety Whilst Working at Heights

When working at a high level it is always important to be safe. Working at heights is not as easy as people think, even if you are someone who is comfortable in such situations. There are certain safety regulations that have to be followed to ensure the safety of workers. After all, there is nothing worse than people getting hurt on a building site, cleaning windows or putting up an advertising board.
Whenever work is going to be done at height, it is important that all the safety standards and situations are looked into. It is best to do this as thoroughly as possible, because you do not want to miss out on any detail that could make working at height unsafe for your workers. That is where specialist access platforms are so useful. These platforms allow for workers to get up to a height and have all their tools with them also. There is no worry about having to balance on a ladder, which can be a problem in many cases. These specialist access platforms ensure that long hours can be performed at height, because of the spacious nature of the platforms. In addition, they are also a lot easier to move up and down. Multiple workers can be on a platform at the same time, as long as it has been 100% checked to be sturdy enough to hold them.
However, not all work from height is done at access platforms. This is why safety can be so crucial. A lot of times people end up having to go on very tall ladders and perform certain tasks. This involves work that is only being done for a short duration, such as a few minutes. With these ladders, it is vital that the ladder is checked beforehand so that it is perfectly safe. Also, ladders should not be more than a year old, because it is simply unsafe to get up so high on an old ladder.
Another aspect of working at height is watching out for objects that might be going through the air. For example, a construction site is the perfect example. There are always scraps that might be thrown by accident or may fly off and go through the air. Wearing a proper helmet is crucial when working at height. If someone is on a ladder, ensure there is no other work going around him/her. This will ensure no dangerous objects fall on their head. Even while on a platform, it is important for those workers on the platform and those around them to be extra careful.
There have been plenty of lawsuits filed for injuries incurred while working at height. To avoid such a situation, make 100% sure that everything is safe and every health and safety regulation is followed to the letter of the law.

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