Friday, August 17, 2012

Trade Show Display Rental - What You Deserve

It pays to put your best foot forward when attending a convention. This is your chance to put your business in front of a new set of eyeballs. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it is essential that you make that impression a good one. A trade show display rental company can help you do just that. But it is just as incumbent on them to make a good impression with their own services and products. There is plenty of competition in this realm, meaning you don't need to settle for second best when shopping for a booth. Here are some things you deserve from the company you choose.
Personal Service
The age of the internet has created a strangely impersonal world where many individuals and companies take being treated like a statistic for granted. Don't. If you are engaging in business with a trade show display rental company, you deserve more than a catalog and a confirmation number. They should have associates working there that can help you make good decisions about the product you want to rent. This is easy to discern before you begin ordering from a company. You can figure out from the first few minutes of an exploratory phone call whether or not that company really cares about your business. If they don't, find someone who does.
Excellent Advice
A trade show display rental company should be about more than just pushing their highest priced products on you, or those with the biggest profit margin. They should be willing and able to take your circumstances into account and recommend a booth setup that makes sense for the goals you're trying to accomplish. Are you getting endless scripted sales pitches from their associates or are you talking to someone who knows the business? Do they have graphic design artists working for them that can help you realize the vision you have in your head? These questions should be answered before you lay out your money.
Affordable Pricing
It doesn't matter if it is a trade show display rental company, a video store, or a dry cleaner, you shouldn't have to pay top dollar for a product other companies are offering for less. The above customer service oriented considerations have to be taken into account, but providing excellent customer service doesn't give a company carte blanche to charge whatever they want. You can't afford to have all of your company's money tied up in one convention, so make sure you find a dealer that offers competitive pricing.


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