Friday, September 28, 2012

Induction Heater Works

Many industries use different methods of heating elements than most people are familiar with in their homes. One of the different types of heating these industries use is induction heating. Heating elements through this method requires an induction heater. While most people who work with these heaters don't need to understand exactly how they work, this knowledge can be useful nonetheless.
The Basics
An induction heater basically only contains a copper coil and an area in which you place the item you need to heat up. In general, this type of heater works in a way that allows the element you place within it to heat up on its own, melting, brazing or going through any number of processes in a much different way. The coil is simply the source of the energy that helps the element heat up. It doesn't emit heat as other types of ovens do.
What Happens
When you turn on an induction heater, electricity runs through the copper coil located inside the heater. As the electricity moves through the coil, it creates a magnetic field that makes its way through the interior of the coil. This magnetic current that is created will transmit into the element you are attempting to heat up in the heater. This will cause the element to generate its own heat so you can experience the results you seek.
There are many reasons some industries use induction heating as a preferred method instead of other methods. One of the most common reasons is the danger of open flames. In some situations, especially when there are certain gases present, the use of an open flame can be extremely dangerous. Because induction heating doesn't require a flame, it is often a safer alternative. It also often uses less energy and is effective at melting elements evenly.
Understanding the use of an induction heater can help you perform your job better. Even if learning how it works and why it is used doesn't help you with your job, you can still benefit from this knowledge, especially if you need to explain the problem you are experiencing to a repair person. Knowing how the heater works can also ensure you are using it properly so you can enjoy all the benefits this type of heating has to offer you and your industry. Having a tool like this that can offer you a safer work environment is a benefit as well.

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